Thursday, December 16, 2010

i've found the perfect.... DRESS

dress: tyler by amsale (photo via amsale)

... but it's not that one. although it was one of my top 3 dresses. i won't be posting my dress up just in case Will sees and really i want it to be a surprise!

i must have tried on 30+ dresses and i ended up deciding on the 5th dress i tried on my first trip out. every other dress just didn't compare. i've said yes to the dress... style.

i'm actually going to be getting a replica of the dress i want, which would cost 5% of the actual dress. yes, i said 5%. i got the idea from my friend, who had one of her wedding dresses replicated by the same company. her dress is exactly like the original so i'm pretty confident that mine will be too. it is a risk, but i think the pros definitely outweigh the cons. i am not the type of person to spend thousands on a dress, i could only wear once so this seems like the best of both worlds. Beautiful designer inspired dress at the cost of a pair of expensive jeans on sale.

i'm expecting the dress to be sent to me in april; in the meantime, they will keep me posted with pictures of the dress production. SUPER EXCITED :)

side note: getting measured by a seamstress was NOT super exciting! i think all the holiday foods i've eaten are finally starting to show...=/

Sunday, December 12, 2010


sorry folks. i've been totally MIA and neglecting my blog. HTB is back in town and i'm getting ready to go to AUSTRALIA for 2 months. Getting things ready for work and procrastinating about getting my Australian visa has really taken up my time but post coming soon regarding some EXCITING news!

hint: i've found the perfect......