Saturday, October 23, 2010

mission: impossible...ring in a haystack

needle in a haystack... try a RING in a haystack. yup. it happened to me..

I work with kids and on thursday we went to the pumpkin patch in richmond. after picking pumpkins, we took them over to the hay area to have our usual hay fight. during the hay fight, my left hand felt a little different and when i looked down...MY...RING..WAS...GONE!!!

it was by far the scariest moment of my life. it was completely surreal, stuff like this only happens on tv, people! i immediately told my friend/coworker M that i lost it, THANK GOODNESS she kept me calm. we asked the parents and people there to help out, which some immediately started doing. it's really nice to see that people are willing to help out a total stranger. texted HTB, who was not happy about the 5:30am aussie time wake up but this was SERIOUS!

one parent, who was there with his kids told me i should probably get a metal detector. GREAT IDEA! we searched for a while but i had to drive the kids back to our center so they could have lunch and go to class. after i dropped off the kids, i went to go rent a metal detector at A&B tool rental which was right by work (THANKS A for looking it up!!)

Let me say. i was a little skeptical but at this point i was desperate. the poor guy helping me at a&b must have thought i was insane. i was literally covered in hay. hay was in my hair, hay was on my hoodie and hay sticking to my lulus. a crazy woman.

drove back to the pumpkin patch and 2 of my friends met me there to help. every time that thing beeped we were on our hands and knees. the thing even beeped for juice boxes (i found 2)!! 15 minutes go by and things didn't look good but i sweep it over the area where i thought i lost it and it starts beeping a lot! S, me and a random lady start digging.......... BINGO. S finds it!!!!!!

phew. insanely happy. relief. insanely happy. o.m.g. so happy.

needless to say i was ecstatic. sigh.

funniest thing that happened during this traumatic event: one of my kinders saying to her friend in a very serious voice "we have to find pauline's marrying ring or she'll have to marry someone else". awwww....

moral of this story:
loose fitting engagement rings and large areas of loose hay are NOT friends.

with my new bff, inspector gadget, right after i found my ring

this girl has learned this lesson and will not be within 5 feet of hay. EVER.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

will you be my bridesmaid?

a while back i made cards to ask my friends to be part of my bridal party. i felt like i should somewhat make it special instead of asking them during one of our regular pigging out sessions. being the google queen, i stumbled upon this awesome tutorial for bridesmaid cards at oncewed!

Anna of Rifle Design, the person that made the tutorial actually makes really cute hand painted wedding programs, invites etc. i HEART her calligraphy. i would LOVE invites made by her but it's another thing to add to my fantasy ultimate wish list =/

There was no way i would be able to duplicate hers perfectly so i tried my darnest to find a font similar and did my best to make them as cute as hers. here's my finished product...

(photo credit: jeanie- bridesmaid jeanie, not photographer jeanie)

my cursive writing leaves much to be desired but overall, not too bad. what do you guys think?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

a new alternative to photo booths?

Now, i love photo booths and i do plan to have one at my wedding (yet another thing i need to book..) but while at the grand wedding show a couple of weeks ago, i discovered the new alternative to photo booths...FLIPBOOKS! it's similar to cartoon stick flip books we all made when we were kids. what they do is take a short video and instantly make flip books out of your video! the book itself is about 3.5' by 2. it's a pretty nice keepsake and oodles of fun for wedding guests. My MOH and i gave this contraption a go and i must say it's pretty awesome! definitely something new and fresh for weddings instead of the usual photo booth.

In a perfect world where i have unlimited funds for my wedding, i would definitely book these guys AND a photobooth! but vancouver flipbook will cost quite a bit more than a photo booth and take longer to assemble, which means you would have to book them for longer. with 200+ guest on my guest list, not exactly budget friendly. So it's either one or the other for me... booo! But for the brides out there with a huge budget.. definitely look into it!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

say yes to the......

PHOTOGRAPHER!!! jeanie of STUDIOjeanie!

it was a long time coming and HTB finally let me do what i would have done 5 months ago. but of course i'm glad that he is the voice of logic and reason during my VERY early fanatic wedding haze. going to see other photographers and other options really made the decision easy for me. one a side note... i say i made the decision instead of we, due to the fact that HTB couldn't tell the difference in quality of photos/ artistry between any of the photographers i sent him!

since HTB is in aussie, i decided to enlist the help of my bridesmaids, friends and cousin to go to photographer meetings with me. boy, was it great to have a bunch of opinionated friends with me. i remember going to one meeting with my bridal party, and the meeting went along fine. the photographer was very nice and explained the services great but everytime the photographer turned his back to get something, they would all throw do-not-hire-him or that-picture-was-NOT-nice looks at me. thank goodness i can count on honest opinions from those girls.
anyway i'm ecstatic about my choice! she's pretty darn awesome! have a look!

i LOVE ring shots