Wednesday, March 23, 2011

early bird failure... =/

sorry i've been so neglectful of my blog. after getting back from 2 AWESOME months in australia (btw, everyone should go once) i just didn't feel very blog-y. lots of wedding things have happened in the last two months but for now, my early bird failure....

alright, it's not that bad but i have to kick myself for it. the whole point of having a long engagement (*ahem* not by choice *ahem*) is to make the most of it and be able to book all the vendors i like, plan everything ahead of time, etc! will and i agreed that we would have a wedding with 200 guests, which is small by asian wedding standards. i was super confident that we would be able to do it and nothing was going to stop me! when will was back in vancouver, we had went for dimsum at a restaurant in richmond. the restaurant held 20-24 tables, very modern looking, clean, and the food was decent. put down our name for our date. DONE. we even planned that if we went over our 200 we had room for an extra 3 tables.

Last week, we started really planning out our guestlists to see how many people we wanted to invite, how many our parents would want to invite and the final number..... 263!! i'm POSITIVE that i can't cut anyone. so our original restaurant isn't going to work. i started calling other restaurants that we originally ruled out for being too large. one was already booked on my date but luckily, one is booked on every saturday of june except for mine. bad part is i can't put my name down without a deposit so i'm meeting with the manager on saturday.  i thought i had a restaurant done in december with 1.5 years to go. now everyone is starting to book! oh the stress!

looks like my wedding of 200 people has ballooned up to a wedding of potentially 300. i mean if we're at 263 already lets just go all the way to 300!

lesson learned in all this: do a rough guest list!!!!!

fun fact: sun sui wah on main street- min. amount spent to close the restaurant to the public- $35,000
min. amount at other restaurants- $13,000-16,000

sun sui wah holds 40 tables x $700 dollar menu= $28,000. still short $7000.......


elee said...

and thats what u call profit in the pocket

Irene said...

AGREED with Esther!