Tuesday, March 29, 2011

wind and rain: our sydney engagement pictures!

as i mentioned before we flew our wonderful and uber talented photographer- jeanie of stu-di-o - down to sydney to take our engagement/ life photos! it was so worth it! jeanie was in town for about 4 days. so we spent one day scouting out locations to shoot and tried to pick places that showed off iconic sydney locations. believe it or not, we were all a little worried that it would rain- it's not always sunny in sydney!

on the day of, we decided to meet up around 5ish to get the best light. i'm helpless with my makeup so i decided to have a professional help me with it. thank goodness i did! not only was jenny a super awesome makeup artist, we totally hit it off and i made my first real aussie friend =)!

we first went to luna park/ milsons point in north sydney and got some wonderful shots under the bridge. Just as we were finishing up there... it started POURING rain. we kept our fingers crossed that it would stop by the time we got to our next location...

the sydney opera house! you really can't get more sydney than that! thank goodness it had stopped raining but in came the wind! there were so many pictures of my hair whipping will in the face! haha awesome.

our last location was townhall. i absolutely love that building! i heart the old victorian feel :) it was one of the train stops that will and i used most often when going to the CBD and chinatown. we got some great pictures just as the light was fading.

after a long day, we went to glebe to get some yummy mexican food. the name of the restaurant totally escapes me but it had great nachos that rivals foundation!

we had so much fun just hanging out with jeanie and i think it really showed in the pictures!! you be the judge, some of our pictures can be found on jeanie's blog!!

jeanie taking pictures of me and the crazy wind whipping hair


Victoria said...

So Pretty!!
It was so awesome that it worked out and you were able to get pictures in Sydney!!

heart! heart! heart!

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