Thursday, April 22, 2010

got the bling, now for the dress

honestly, who can deny the excitement of walking into a store filled with wedding dresses? i can't. but being practical, i know any dress shopping i do now is considered wedding dress research. i won't be ready to buy until a little more than a year before the big day. seriously though, i could not wait to try on dresses!

recently, my bridesmaids and i went to bryan's bride in brentwood mall. now when you first look at the place, one of the first things you notice is that they have rows and rows of dresses and on top of that, their dresses are pretty affordable. unfortunately, right off the bat our bridal consultant made us want to leave. the moment she heard my wedding date, she saw us as a waste of time and barely said anything to me. when i was trying on dresses she stood there silently, while the bridal consultant next to us was telling her bride-to-be about the cut of the dress she's trying on, and offering her opinions, etc. at one point, though she told me that i was shopping to early and dresses would start to look the same. VALID point but was moot after how she was treating my wedding dress experience. we had gone to blush bridal in west vancouver awhile back and were not treated like we were at bryan's.

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