Tuesday, April 27, 2010

one thing done, another 200 things to do

it's done. i've booked the queen elizabeth park celebration pavilion for our wedding ceremony. it took me a while to find a place i really liked and met my requirement of not having to decorate or rent chairs from another vendor. at first, i was thinking of having our ceremony at the UBC rose garden. i always loved walking by it during my long treks to the dreaded anso building. but when i found out you could only book the year of your wedding, it was an instant no. booking a ceremony venue 6 months in advance is a little unnerving for me, especially since i have 2+ years to plan this darn thing! 

will and i went to check out the pavilion before he left for sydney back in january. my favourite part of the space: the huge doors that open up to show the view of the city. i love that even though it's an indoor wedding, we still have that element of it being outdoors with those huge doors open and if it rains we are still okay! i found a lot of gardens i was looking into didn't offer a rain alternative, which really doesn't help.  

planning early definitely had it's benefits. since contacting them in january, they had raised their rental prices but i was able to book the pavilion for the price i was told in january =). another added bonus... no hst! just good old GST!

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