Saturday, May 29, 2010

shoes make the outfit

one of the things I was worried about when it came to my wedding were shoes. not the dress but shoes! my lovely little feet are a size 4. not only is it hard to find shoes that fit, it's hard to find shoes that don't look like grandma shoes. But i've done it!

i knew from the beginning that i didn't want white shoes. i wanted a colored shoes that would match my bridesmaids. Plus, i'm more likely to wear them after the wedding.  i actually already have this pair in a black and a champagne. the violet was out of stock for so long that i didn't think they would bring the shoes back but thankfully they did. i haven't been able to find a shoe as cute as these. they're on order right through zappo and i have to pick it up from the states. i'm so relieved =))))))


Victoria Chan said...

They are soooo cute Pauline!
I love the colour and the bows... So pretty! :)

the broke runway said...

I love the shoes! Do they have it in red? ;p