Sunday, September 12, 2010

back in the wedding groove

i took a long break from looking at wedding things after my HTB (husband to be) told me it was MUCH too early to do anything else. hmph. fine. But now i'm back in the wedding groove! thanks to his best friend's wedding!

alfred and mijung's wedding was at the fairmont pacific rim. it was such a beautiful space. alfred had to do a lot of the planning himself since mijung was still based in korea but being the wedding loving person i am, i helped him out with minor things like scheduling, printing/designing menus and programs. for their program and menus, i used this awesome free monogram from wedding chicks. they have such awesome freebies there, including DIY invitations and stickers! gotta love free!

alfred had some great cupcakes made by Something Sweet for You. they were absolutely delicious, my favourite were the earl grey tea cupcakes with lemon butter cream. yum. i'm drooling just thinking about it.

to celebrate me getting back in to my wedding groove, i'll be going to the grand wedding show at canada place on saturday with my moh and another friend who's getting married next year =). hopefully i'll get some much needed inspiration!


Dummeow said...

haha i must sound like a stalker but i found you through diana's blog. pretty random cause i follow esther's blog. congrats that you're getting married! and yes planning one or two years ahead will definitely help. i was shopping for my dress a year ago and got the same rude responses from sales assistants. gosh they're mean! but anyway good luck with you and your HTB. : )

pawyeen said...

haha don't worry not stalker-ish at all! I love having a long time to plan but i hate it as well. i'd actually wish the wedding would come sooner because i'm quite looking forward to the stuff that comes after. on the other hand, having this time to plan, i can try to make it as unique as possible! GOOD LUCK with your wedding btw! your pre-pictures were great =)