Tuesday, October 05, 2010

say yes to the......

PHOTOGRAPHER!!! jeanie of STUDIOjeanie!

it was a long time coming and HTB finally let me do what i would have done 5 months ago. but of course i'm glad that he is the voice of logic and reason during my VERY early fanatic wedding haze. going to see other photographers and other options really made the decision easy for me. one a side note... i say i made the decision instead of we, due to the fact that HTB couldn't tell the difference in quality of photos/ artistry between any of the photographers i sent him!

since HTB is in aussie, i decided to enlist the help of my bridesmaids, friends and cousin to go to photographer meetings with me. boy, was it great to have a bunch of opinionated friends with me. i remember going to one meeting with my bridal party, and the meeting went along fine. the photographer was very nice and explained the services great but everytime the photographer turned his back to get something, they would all throw do-not-hire-him or that-picture-was-NOT-nice looks at me. thank goodness i can count on honest opinions from those girls.
anyway i'm ecstatic about my choice! she's pretty darn awesome! have a look!

i LOVE ring shots


Irene said...

These photos look amazing, can't wait to see yours!

the broke runway said...

Yay StudioJeanie!