Wednesday, October 06, 2010

a new alternative to photo booths?

Now, i love photo booths and i do plan to have one at my wedding (yet another thing i need to book..) but while at the grand wedding show a couple of weeks ago, i discovered the new alternative to photo booths...FLIPBOOKS! it's similar to cartoon stick flip books we all made when we were kids. what they do is take a short video and instantly make flip books out of your video! the book itself is about 3.5' by 2. it's a pretty nice keepsake and oodles of fun for wedding guests. My MOH and i gave this contraption a go and i must say it's pretty awesome! definitely something new and fresh for weddings instead of the usual photo booth.

In a perfect world where i have unlimited funds for my wedding, i would definitely book these guys AND a photobooth! but vancouver flipbook will cost quite a bit more than a photo booth and take longer to assemble, which means you would have to book them for longer. with 200+ guest on my guest list, not exactly budget friendly. So it's either one or the other for me... booo! But for the brides out there with a huge budget.. definitely look into it!

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