Tuesday, October 19, 2010

will you be my bridesmaid?

a while back i made cards to ask my friends to be part of my bridal party. i felt like i should somewhat make it special instead of asking them during one of our regular pigging out sessions. being the google queen, i stumbled upon this awesome tutorial for bridesmaid cards at oncewed!

Anna of Rifle Design, the person that made the tutorial actually makes really cute hand painted wedding programs, invites etc. i HEART her calligraphy. i would LOVE invites made by her but it's another thing to add to my fantasy ultimate wish list =/

There was no way i would be able to duplicate hers perfectly so i tried my darnest to find a font similar and did my best to make them as cute as hers. here's my finished product...

(photo credit: jeanie- bridesmaid jeanie, not photographer jeanie)

my cursive writing leaves much to be desired but overall, not too bad. what do you guys think?

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